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Western Traditional tattoo illustration of hands shaking

The Invitational

This Western Traditional Tattoo Convention emerges from a profound respect for this enduring art form. This inaugural event transcends mere entertainment, serving as a platform to celebrate artistry, cultivate community, and honor the rich legacy of Western Traditional tattooing.

The venue

Mandala Club logo

This exclusive club serves as the perfect canvas for our vision. It stands out by differentiating itself from the known white walls, big and echoing spaces of convention centers.

Mandala Club represents everything that Western Traditional tattoo style stands for: bold lines, captivating color palette and its sense of tradition.


Uncover killer brands with deals that you won't find anywhere else. From apparel to artwork, express your individuality and ink spirit.


Engage in insightful panels with renowned artists and industry experts. Explore the history, evolution, and cultural significance of Western Traditional tattooing.

Private dining

Indulge in an intimate private dinner with artists, legends, and fellow collectors. Hosted by renowned chef Perry, enjoy networking an exclusive culinary experience.

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Forget what you know about tattoo judging. Our unconventional contest celebrates best dressed, most creative booth, and more. Showcase your personality and win exciting prizes.


Besides the showcase of amazing artists from Asia, we have a series of events and activities to keep you coming.

We invite you to embark on a journey that will: illuminate the historical significance of this style, empower and connect talented artists, foster a thriving community of enthusiasts, and ignite a deeper appreciation for this captivating art form. 

Feroze Mcleod

Creative Director

With 16+ years mastering the art of Western Traditional tattooing, Feroze has garnered global recognition and prestigious awards. Collaborations with prominent brands amplify his reach and impact, extending beyond the needle through design and event participation.



With 17+ years leading award-winning tattoo shops in Singapore, Mary isn't just a manager, she's master of logistics (budgeting, crowd control, vendor relations), she also wears the "community connector" hat, fueling the body art scene with workshops, talks, and mentorship.

The team behind

Singapore, May 24 - 26, 2024

Western Traditional Tattoo convention

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